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Nicole Fox
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United Kingdom
Heartist by Nameda Challenge your mind at Detective-HQ

I Love my Watchers. by Hurricane-Hannah Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197 Requests Open Stamp by izka197

:bulletblue: Always happy to feature winners for contests on my journal, just message me and ask! :)

:bulletpink: I will often thank people with llamas! :)

:bulletred: I AM NOT A BANK! If I want to donate points I will do so because I want to, NOT because you asked me! :)

:bulletred:Name: Nicole
:bulletorange:Age: 24 (5th November 1989)
:bulletyellow:Location: Medway, Kent, United Kingdom
:bulletgreen:My nickname is: Foxy/Poptart
:bulletblue:I’m a sucker for: Cats!
:bulletpurple:I reluctantly admit: I'm A Very Jealous Person
:bulletblack:My worst habit is: Attacking First
:bulletred:I won’t eat: Chocolate Ice-Cream *nose wrinkle*
:bulletorange:My favorite color is: Purple, Blue, Black & Red
:bulletyellow:I’d give anything to have met: Florence Nightingale
:bulletgreen:My favorite historical characters are: Jack The Ripper & Wellington
:bulletblue:I wish I knew more about: Animal Psychology
:bulletpurple:My strongest quality is: Fiercely Protective
:bulletblack:My weakest quality is: Pride
:bulletred:My pet peeve is: Nail Biting -.-
:bulletorange:My favorite vacation was: Crete
:bulletyellow:My favorite foods are: Chicken & Jelly tots
:bulletgreen:My heroes are: Jason Statham & Stuart Townsend
:bulletblue:Most significant achievement was: Triple Distinction in Animal Management Diploma
:bulletpurple:The last good book I read was: The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter
:bulletblack:The last good movie I saw was: Remember Me
:bulletred:If I won the lottery, I would: Get A House!
:bulletorange:My favorite meal is: Roast Dinner
:bulletyellow:If I could invite four people to dinner, they would be: My Family
:bulletgreen:The best advice I ever received was: Don't Let Them See You Cry
:bulletblue:One word to sum me up is: Confident
:bulletpurple:The hardest thing I have ever done was to: Give Up My Pets :(
:bulletblack:For fun I like to: Re-enact
:bulletred:If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: My Appearance
:bulletorange:People who know me think I am: Alpha
:bulletyellow:My favorite TV show is: Heroes
:bulletgreen:If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want: Rescue :P
:bulletblue:My life would have been greatly diminished without: The Re-enactors
:bulletpurple:My friends describe me as: Overprotective
:bulletblack:My favorite movie is: Mamma Mia!
:bulletred:My favorite author is: Gena Showalter
:bulletorange:My favorite book is: Goodnight Mr Tom
:bulletyellow:My favorite song is: Black Heart - Stooshe
:bulletgreen:The best gift I ever received was: My Camera
:bulletblue:When I’m worried, I like to: Tidy
:bulletpurple:My favorite sport is: Swimming
:bulletblack:In the future, people will discover: Life On Mars XD
:bulletred:If I could take a trip, I would go to: Paris
:bulletorange:No one knows I: Eat When I'm Sad
:bulletyellow:I like to wear: Black Clothing And Coloured Scarfs
:bulletgreen:My favorite childhood memory is: Family Parties
:bulletblue:My favorite subject in school was: Science
:bulletpurple:The thing I hate to do most is: Wake Up In The Morning :P
:bulletblack:I can’t wait until: I Have A House And Pets!
:bulletred:I’m really glad that: I Met My Fiance
:bulletorange:I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without: My Family & Fiance


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As some of you may know, the wonderful UszatyArbuz held an Easter egg hunt giving away free prizes!

These prizes have now been distributed and I have the previlege of posting a feature for some of the winners!

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Below are those who chose the Egg of cuteness


Happy Birthday You Dork by NocturnalWolfie


Three Square MealsShe wakes up in the morning
dreading the day ahead
Curling herself into a tight ball
she wishes she could stay in bed
She is called down for breakfast,
a meal she'd rather miss
An awkward silence greets her
broken only by the frying pan's hiss
Her parents glare at one another;
they'd had another fight
Of course, she already knew this
She heard them shouting all night
Across from her is her sister,
top too low, skirt too high
"I'm skipping school today," she says
She's going on a date with some guy
She glances over at her brother,
headphones on, oblivious to the world
He did this every single day
since she was a little girl
She swings her bag over her shoulder
and heads for the door
She smiles brightly and cheerfully exclaims,
"I'll be off, be back at four!"
The shrill sound of the lunch bell
echoes through the hall
Her mom forgot to pack her lunch
She doesn't mind at all
She sits with a large group of friends
yet still, she feels alone
She might as well be a wallflower
hidden behind a
An Eon without Problems by RoamingShadow PhotographyHe loved nothing more than capturing the world on his digital camera. A quick press on the tiny button could make a fleeting moment last an eternity. He could hold time in his hands and freeze every perfect instance, immortalizing its beauty. Every still frame held a story within, and nothing brought him more pride than when he recalled each detail with vivid clarity.
No two pictures were ever the same – he knew that when a moment passed, it was gone forever. There was no second chance of the same scene. The same circumstances. The same feelings and actions. So he did his best to commit every special scene to memory.
The world was its most beautiful when he saw it through the lens. Magical, it all was! The way all the colors blended and contrasted with one another. The way he would move, ever so slightly, and the world shifted its focus on something new. It awed him how a tiny glass window could enhance what he saw with his own two eyes.
He never called himself a photographer. He


Sora the Dragon by majakaril Sticks mini pixel by majakaril On a cloud by majakaril


Of Threats and ThievesDisclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I make no profit from this work of fiction.
AU. Post-Hogwarts.

Since I can post links here: The three things referenced in the news article:
the Utah author:
the threat:
the suicide:
Want to leave feedback? Constructive comments are welcome. Threats are not.
Author harassed by thief – death threat issued
Throughout the years, various heinous acts have been reported in the news. We've seen stories about many crimes and other disgusting affairs. Even so, it is rare that we see such irony as the following.
While most people do not find any humor in theft – and those who have been victims find the act absolutely intolerable – it is uncommon for the thief to retaliate by threatening the pers
Peek-a-boo by RogueMudblood Unexplainable AttractionDisclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X. I make no profit from this work of fiction.
Staring into the darkness, she waited. Staring out over the ocean, Lulu could not help but smirk. She had never thought of herself as the maiden waiting at the seashore for her sailor to come home to her. She was a warrior, a dark mage, and one of the guardians of a Summoner. But even warriors had their weaknesses. He was hers.
Feet crunched the gravel behind her, and she relaxed into the arms that wrapped around her, leaning into the warm chest behind her. “You know, Chappu really loved you with all his heart.” His chin rested on her shoulder, allowing her to feel his breath on her ear as he spoke.
“I know, Wakka.” She sighed, stepping forward and turning, a small space separating them as a chill breeze blew in from the ocean. “I loved him also.” Lulu stepped toward him, reaching out and caressing his cheek gently. “But my heart has ro


Lucky (M/A contest Jan '15) by AlexanderPaupoff Piggy by AlexanderPaupoff SecretSanta for Cybermess10 by AlexanderPaupoff


Albert baby cat by Ilivewithstars Summer OC by Ilivewithstars Grape Fureux of Zuo by Ilivewithstars


Vegeta - Lineart by DeeAnastasia X-Note and Area-X: Elcia and Essi by DeeAnastasia Honey-sempai by DeeAnastasia


Custom - SnowyWonderland by Candyfied Star Thief (Open) by Candyfied once, i lived in the sky by Candyfied


Prowler by Stygma  Not so different by Stygma  Who? Me? by Stygma

A Special Shoutout to CrimsonRoseMaster who kindly offered to donate his feature to his significant other. I couldn't well leave him out so I featured you both! :heart:


It's a Dragon! Dinosaur...thing!!! by CrimsonRoseMaster Drawn Espeon by CrimsonRoseMaster Ducks bathtime in the street by CrimsonRoseMaster


Setting Sun on Crocuses by Yoruichi-Takashi We Walk our own Path by Yoruichi-Takashi Synthetic Beauty by Yoruichi-Takashi

I will also feature rainylake and Andorada as I have already gifted them llamas so was unable to deliver their prizes.


Sleepy Pup by rainylake Lover's Quarrel by rainylake Innocence by rainylake


The light within by Andorada Mine by Andorada Pisi by Andorada

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Well done to you all! :heart:


Fiesta de Navidad by snoogaloo

This is an absolutely beautiful image of which you should be proud. I love the various little trinkets and how well the little fairy li...

catwalk. by Shutter-Shooter

First of all wow, what a gorgeous feline. She has such lovely colours and the golden eyes and red collar really set off her white fur. ...

Raz by SecretPoet17

Firstly, what a gorgeous picture. He looks rather sad in my opinion, almost like he longs for something. He is not looking at the camer...


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