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Nicole Fox
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United Kingdom
Heartist by Nameda Challenge your mind at Detective-HQ

I Love my Watchers. by Hurricane-Hannah Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197 Requests Open Stamp by izka197

:bulletblue: Always happy to feature winners for contests on my journal, just message me and ask! :)

:bulletpink: I will often thank people with llamas! :)

:bulletred: I AM NOT A BANK! If I want to donate points I will do so because I want to, NOT because you asked me! :)

:bulletred:Name: Nicole
:bulletorange:Age: 24 (5th November 1989)
:bulletyellow:Location: Medway, Kent, United Kingdom
:bulletgreen:My nickname is: Foxy/Poptart
:bulletblue:I’m a sucker for: Cats!
:bulletpurple:I reluctantly admit: I'm A Very Jealous Person
:bulletblack:My worst habit is: Attacking First
:bulletred:I won’t eat: Chocolate Ice-Cream *nose wrinkle*
:bulletorange:My favorite color is: Purple, Blue, Black & Red
:bulletyellow:I’d give anything to have met: Florence Nightingale
:bulletgreen:My favorite historical characters are: Jack The Ripper & Wellington
:bulletblue:I wish I knew more about: Animal Psychology
:bulletpurple:My strongest quality is: Fiercely Protective
:bulletblack:My weakest quality is: Pride
:bulletred:My pet peeve is: Nail Biting -.-
:bulletorange:My favorite vacation was: Crete
:bulletyellow:My favorite foods are: Chicken & Jelly tots
:bulletgreen:My heroes are: Jason Statham & Stuart Townsend
:bulletblue:Most significant achievement was: Triple Distinction in Animal Management Diploma
:bulletpurple:The last good book I read was: The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter
:bulletblack:The last good movie I saw was: Remember Me
:bulletred:If I won the lottery, I would: Get A House!
:bulletorange:My favorite meal is: Roast Dinner
:bulletyellow:If I could invite four people to dinner, they would be: My Family
:bulletgreen:The best advice I ever received was: Don't Let Them See You Cry
:bulletblue:One word to sum me up is: Confident
:bulletpurple:The hardest thing I have ever done was to: Give Up My Pets :(
:bulletblack:For fun I like to: Re-enact
:bulletred:If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: My Appearance
:bulletorange:People who know me think I am: Alpha
:bulletyellow:My favorite TV show is: Heroes
:bulletgreen:If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want: Rescue :P
:bulletblue:My life would have been greatly diminished without: The Re-enactors
:bulletpurple:My friends describe me as: Overprotective
:bulletblack:My favorite movie is: Mamma Mia!
:bulletred:My favorite author is: Gena Showalter
:bulletorange:My favorite book is: Goodnight Mr Tom
:bulletyellow:My favorite song is: Black Heart - Stooshe
:bulletgreen:The best gift I ever received was: My Camera
:bulletblue:When I’m worried, I like to: Tidy
:bulletpurple:My favorite sport is: Swimming
:bulletblack:In the future, people will discover: Life On Mars XD
:bulletred:If I could take a trip, I would go to: Paris
:bulletorange:No one knows I: Eat When I'm Sad
:bulletyellow:I like to wear: Black Clothing And Coloured Scarfs
:bulletgreen:My favorite childhood memory is: Family Parties
:bulletblue:My favorite subject in school was: Science
:bulletpurple:The thing I hate to do most is: Wake Up In The Morning :P
:bulletblack:I can’t wait until: I Have A House And Pets!
:bulletred:I’m really glad that: I Met My Fiance
:bulletorange:I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without: My Family & Fiance


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Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 3:36 AM
Thank you to all the lovely peoples who favourited my most recent image -

Pink Rose 001 (18.04.15) by LacedShadowDiamond

Knowing how oversensitive DA can be about messaging too many people I have decided to post a feature instead! :)


Assassin by MidnightSinxx Sunset by MidnightSinxx Tracks by MidnightSinxx


A God Without Men by Metal-Bender Go Ask Alice by Metal-Bender Time is an Illusion by Metal-Bender


The Colours of the Rainbow by Serbeena Curious Little Cherub by Serbeena The Tail of a Peacock by Serbeena


The painful process of mental distress by dreadfuldark Route into the unknown by dreadfuldark Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (No, I regret nothing) by dreadfuldark


Venice carneval 2010 5 by strawberryknickerboc Venice mask FINISHED by strawberryknickerboc

Mature Content

Lovers by strawberryknickerboc


Those Winter Blues by MouseMakesMess On My Way by MouseMakesMess Forget Me Not by MouseMakesMess


G1 Applejack by Applejack-1982 The G1 Mane 6 by Applejack-1982 Applejack icon by Applejack-1982


Steer in bluebonnet field 2 by MollyMcMolly Rusty bolt by MollyMcMolly Bellagio conservatory bridge 2 by MollyMcMolly


No deviations :(


Stars."Wait, You two have been fighting?" Meilin whispered from the other side of the bed.
Abeke nodded, "Yeah, for a few months, actually."
"Why didn't you tell me before? I mean, I'm not some relationship genius. Obviously."
"I just thought, 'Hey, it will be over soon, right?'." Abeke admitted, "And you obviously don't need anything else to worry about."
Meilin had been preoccupied before, but ever since breaking up with Rollan, she'd been downright distracted.
"I'm fine. Just... Tell me." Meilin looked at her expectantly, so she just let the words pour out.
"I can't even remember what we fought over, just that it had to do with the war. One thing led to another, and next thing you know, he ends it. I yelled at him, I said, 'If you dislike me that much, why are we even dating?' and he shouted back, 'Fine then! It's over Abeke! We're done!' And I just walked out."
There was a long pause, "It wasn't all your fault," Meilin broke the silence, "It's just as much his fault."
Abeke stu
Cherry Blossoms by IADS8345 Collision Course: Chapter 1: Don't You Dare.Hey! I'm back! Thanks to everyone who read and special thanks to everyone who reviewed on the SAMB or FanFiction. Wow, you guys rock! 8 Reviews! This chapter will be from Meilin’s POV Now on with chapter 1! ----IADS
The first thing she saw was the blood, and then the fletches of a single arrow protruding from his chest. She ran over to him, ignoring the searing pain in her leg. Meilin dropped to his side. His skin was a deathly, pale color; his head was slumped to one side.
“If you went and died on me, I’m going to kill you.” She whispered as she examined the arrow. It had gone into the ground and the fletches were touching his chest where the arrow had gone through.
He lifted his head a little, but didn’t open his eyes. A few seconds later, he muttered, “I don’t think you can do that.” Even though he was most likely dying, he still managed to smile, and even to make her smile in this seemingly impossible situation.
In that mom


Devon Jade by Andaelentari beauty of isis by Andaelentari Ritual by Andaelentari


Chalk by ashley-paul Up Close. by ashley-paul Love for books. by ashley-paul


Makorra by For-the-Third-Time Krickette It's been four years, thought Krickette, still reclined in her seat. She
looked back at the clock. A half an hour had passed since the Sunday
service had ended, and nearly everyone else had left. She couldn't make
herself move; she couldn't stop the questions and the doubts that were
invading her mind. Four whole years... and I'm questioning this.
 And indeed, it was a valid concern. When she and Noah had met a good,
long, four years ago, there was instant chemistry. They began dating
about a year thereafter, and pulled through with ease throughout their
remaining years in high school. They had both graduated only a couple of
months ago; up until that point, Krickette thought for sure that they'd
end up going to the same college, graduating with honors, getting
married - you know the drill. Now, though, she wasn't so sure. But why
wouldn't she be? All those years together, they were more than just
boyfriend and girlfriend. They were best friends. Every time he
Nebraska skies 61 by For-the-Third-Time


Let us play by LucyRanelle 052 by LucyRanelle :thumb406340275:


feel free by zaidaliraqi khalifa tawor by zaidaliraqi the red flower by zaidaliraqi


JPEG_1430223677683_1961897743 by AyameBrigi flowers by AyameBrigi JPEG_1428773067973_-1532334788 by AyameBrigi


Haku by OceanR1 My First Try by OceanR1 one of my first try of making a head by OceanR1


I like this by Rainie-sky

Mature Content


Tori And I by LainaBear Espeon Wallpaper by LainaBear Tiefling Time by LainaBear


Morning Drop by MuddyMadBear The Wolf Before Her [1/?]Thought up a random short story the other day and thought if you guys liked it, I might just continue it. Any suggestions would be awesome!
    A deep throaty growl had barely a chance to escape her lips before she'd lunged at the wolf before her. Her heavy jaws clenched and tightened around his neck as she flung him around like a chew toy, throwing him at a nearby tree. The blood in her mouth fueled her rage as a yelp and a whimper pierced the air. She stood, ready to kill the one who'd threatened her and her cubs. The wolf whined, getting up, and stood ready to attack the sturdy, powerful, and rage filled bear before him. He'd threatened her the second he knowingly stepped onto her land, frightening the three cubs.
    "Who are you and why are you on my land?" The ginormous bear stood tall and intimidating as three little pairs of curious eyes peeped out from behind her. The wolf, hurt and confused had taken too long to respond according
End of the Season by MuddyMadBear


Bottled Up by penguin-genius Death By Chocolate by penguin-genius I'm Not Okay by penguin-genius


Bruises by ZombieHntr Keeb by ZombieHntr Sees Something by ZombieHntr


It Was Just For One Night (part 1)   It was just for one night, she reminded herself. After all, it wasn’t every day that you not only discover your secret admirer but also get snowed in at their little ramshackle house in the woods. And then have to huddle together in the cold to survive. And then find out that not only was your secret admirer an ailuranthrope of all things, but they were still trying to be friends with you after you rejected them.
    Lily thought back over the past day, still trying to figure out if there was in fact one thing that happened to get her stuck with a semi-psycho lesbian werecat. It was already 11:52 PM. She had to have some way to pass the 8 hours until they’d have to find a way out to go to school or...something. People would notice them missing by then...right?
    The alarm started the day at 5:30, like it always did. Lily popped her head up, startled by the harsh beeping, then allowed her head
Burn by Cybergirl35 Watching by Cybergirl35


034 by Elizalove928 057 by Elizalove928 029 by Elizalove928


To Be Alone With You 2. by TheZoMbieMoshPiT Gaz. by TheZoMbieMoshPiT The Sound Of Silence. by TheZoMbieMoshPiT


so much more by O-Gosh there is a light by O-Gosh tinkles of crystal by O-Gosh


Pink blossoms.800 0207, with story by harrietsfriend On the street.img435, with story by harrietsfriend Wet leaves.DSCN2123, with story by harrietsfriend


Columbine by FancyFish77 Winking Lilac by FancyFish77 Red by FancyFish77


Zim-beauty and the Dib-beast by TheParanoidPig Blue and orange by TheParanoidPig Invading the Garden Wall by TheParanoidPig


The Mystic Pond by 4steex eBook cover: 'Lady Excalibur 3 - Wind of Witches' by 4steex Commission: Ghost warrior by 4steex


Maya | IV by Wings-Photo Little white chick | I by Wings-Photo Flowers | Gerbera | I by Wings-Photo


eggHDR1668 by The-Egg eggHDR1621 by The-Egg eggHDR1628 by The-Egg


Last hours of my Birthday by Hermetic-Wings Anybody...anyone who haven't broken my heart yet? by Hermetic-Wings Monuments, Imperial Square on Historical Peninsula by Hermetic-Wings


Happy New Year! by RichRadEx Sun Test by RichRadEx Starry sky by RichRadEx


The Kiss by sheiruki What a Tasty Flower! by sheiruki Mohnblume by sheiruki


Game of Thrones - Daenerys with Egg by RhaenaRhaeTargaryen :thumb526003364: Reborn - No Necklace by RhaenaRhaeTargaryen


Gallileo by pisoulo Al-muttaqun. by pisoulo Glow by pisoulo


Castiel In a Box! (Gift) by SymmetryIsKeyDTK I Like It by SymmetryIsKeyDTK Sunrise :3 by SymmetryIsKeyDTK


Infinity by Labryssa Get the chemistry right by Labryssa Reach or release by Labryssa


Monkey in Manhattan by xJBIRDx Phone Booth by xJBIRDx The Red Dhalia by xJBIRDx


Young Bunny by AnonymousRabbitLover Glow-in-the-Dark Nails with Moons and Stars by AnonymousRabbitLover Stack of Cookies by AnonymousRabbitLover


GIFT || hana-chibi by woonieto Wonnie by woonieto PPU SS: Mellow-Bun by woonieto


Marcus Aurelius at MacCallum More by EndlessMuse Light Pink by EndlessMuse Fall Arrives by EndlessMuse


The Lil Shiths are EVERYWHERE...Wheres yer Mom??? by harley12345 My LIL GranDaughter is a REAL CUTIE ))))))))))))) by harley12345 It Doesn't Snow Often, But it Snows Alot in BC. by harley12345


Snow is falling. by JocelyneR Unexpected Visitor by JocelyneR End Of The Afternoon by JocelyneR


Harmony by Maxfusion6 Warm Feelings by Maxfusion6 Canon by Maxfusion6


banana nut muffins by jeanbeanxoxo cats eye by jeanbeanxoxo yellow by jeanbeanxoxo


Falling Steps. by Sparkle-Photography Confessions. What seemed like a gift sent straight from the heavens to most people was a curse in my book.

Many have told me I'm a strong person, who easily forgives and moves forward with her head held high, not letting anything get in her way and not letting anything get her down.
However, that is just what I want them to think. Manipulating people to think something completely different is too easy most of the time. And when it's your own friends, why wouldn't they believe you?
Yes, I will admit, the break-up for me went a lot....smoother, then I had expected. There was no big bang at the end, no large fight to send it off. When it was really done and over with, there was only me and there was only him. No us.
Now, for the cursed side of me to take hold. Did I cry in front of my parents when I told them? No. Did I cry in front of my friends when they found out? No. Did I rant to people who I would never
Into The Abyss. by Sparkle-Photography


Dear My Closest FriendI'm sorry I underrate you,
Stomp all over you for no reason
Chew you out,
Except that i'm tired and hungry.
The truth is that I really love you:
You've always been there for me,
Never complained, always listened
And I just want to say thanks for that,
Dear Sandwich.
(However, could you stop making me fat? Thanks!)
November Chemistry by Grapeglowstickbaby The SituationThe Situation
There's a time when enough is enough... and I know it's hard to gauge where that chalk line is drawn, but the doorway's here as a landmark for that line, and I'm kicking you out, into the hall and over that line into blurred lyrics. I'm slamming the door, locking it, and I'm not coming back out until some daylight spills in through the shut blinds again. You dropped my key through the slats in the storm drain a long time ago, and it's gone; there's no way to get it back. I'm checking my broken phone and playing back to you the voicemail that says, "It's all over now." So, if you must die, choke on your own words, when my melody plays, resonating along the “A” string of my violin, seeming to sing "There's nothing left for us here now." Of course, you won't hear it. My walls are sound-proof, and I'll keep my tears to myself. One day soon, maybe I'll slide a CD under the door, and if you're still there you can find it and play it. It'll have directions to the spa


Seashells in my Footprints by MastersImagingPhotos Bougainvillea and Cocanut Trees by MastersImagingPhotos Good Morning wave by MastersImagingPhotos


sunset 1 by flaky23 beauty behind the mask by flaky23 036 by flaky23


Glow by jellybear07 Winter Wonderland by jellybear07 Little Bee by jellybear07


Another Adorable Kitten by surrealistic-gloom Survivors... by surrealistic-gloom Bleeding Heart by surrealistic-gloom


:thumb525991459: :thumb527783853: :thumb525450570:


Side by Side by prettyflour equinoxBeyond an ash gray skyline the sun was lying in wait. A molten liquid center with an atmosphere of blistering gasses was hidden behind winter’s cape. Spring was burrowed deep, steeping within the confines of hibernation. She dreamt of rampant flower beds, colors rioting in the wake of a new season. The awakening was gradual, the peace of deep slumber cherished and warm.
Spring stretched her arms wide
exhaled and released her heat
billowing warm wind
and they curl by prettyflour


Crystal star by The-Dude-L-Bug Blazing new look by The-Dude-L-Bug Focus on the Chelicera by The-Dude-L-Bug


dA Ranger Chibi Picture by FMARocksSoMuch A Little Cold [Sherlock X John]---------------------
By the way, a quick note before you read this; THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS.
[So if you haven't seen much of Sherlock, then I suggest you don't read this.]
Hyde Park; one of the busiest places in London at around Christmas time. The pair had been out and about just for fun for a change, and by the content look on Sherlock's face, it might be fair to say that the 'difficult-to-impress' by means of ‘ordinary entertainment’ Sherlock was actually enjoying himself.
Some considerable hours passed by and the day was getting colder than it already was and darker, so like most people, John decided it was time to head home; much to Sherlock’s disappointment. He'd actually for once liked this 'down-time' that the pair of them had had together.
On the way back to the flat, John noticed that his partner was being a bit quieter than usual.
“Sherlock..? Are you alright..?”
“Hmm? Oh..! Yes Watson, I’m fine”
The brunette said with
Edward Elric Angel by FMARocksSoMuch


purple halloween by gvardianangel Five Nights at Freddy's by gvardianangel Pusheen SUPERNATURAL - STYLE by gvardianangel


nutella On Bubbles by RiverKpocc Toad 3Apr2015 by RiverKpocc LF2 weapon - Egg Wall (crazy version) by RiverKpocc


Just a windy day 01 (color) by Cat-n-White A little magic before the summer by Cat-n-White Vive la FRANCE by Cat-n-White


Little Lamb by Cartedumonde Sleepy Tiger by Cartedumonde Looking North by Cartedumonde


Ocean/Sail Boat by AnimeLineArt23 Fox Adopt 4 - OPEN by AnimeLineArt23 Woof by AnimeLineArt23


Fiesta de Navidad by snoogaloo

This is an absolutely beautiful image of which you should be proud. I love the various little trinkets and how well the little fairy li...

catwalk. by Shutter-Shooter

First of all wow, what a gorgeous feline. She has such lovely colours and the golden eyes and red collar really set off her white fur. ...

Raz by SecretPoet17

Firstly, what a gorgeous picture. He looks rather sad in my opinion, almost like he longs for something. He is not looking at the camer...

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