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Nicole Fox
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United Kingdom
I Love my Watchers. by Hurricane-Hannah Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197 Requests Open Stamp by izka197

:bulletblue: Always happy to feature winners for contests on my journal, just message me and ask! :)

:bulletpink: I will often thank people with llamas! :)

:bulletred: I AM NOT A BANK! If I want to donate points I will do so because I want to, NOT because you asked me! :)

:bulletred:Name: Nicole
:bulletorange:Age: 24 (5th November 1989)
:bulletyellow:Location: Medway, Kent, United Kingdom
:bulletgreen:My nickname is: Foxy/Poptart
:bulletblue:I’m a sucker for: Cats!
:bulletpurple:I reluctantly admit: I'm A Very Jealous Person
:bulletblack:My worst habit is: Attacking First
:bulletred:I won’t eat: Chocolate Ice-Cream *nose wrinkle*
:bulletorange:My favorite color is: Purple, Blue, Black & Red
:bulletyellow:I’d give anything to have met: Florence Nightingale
:bulletgreen:My favorite historical characters are: Jack The Ripper & Wellington
:bulletblue:I wish I knew more about: Animal Psychology
:bulletpurple:My strongest quality is: Fiercely Protective
:bulletblack:My weakest quality is: Pride
:bulletred:My pet peeve is: Nail Biting -.-
:bulletorange:My favorite vacation was: Crete
:bulletyellow:My favorite foods are: Chicken & Jelly tots
:bulletgreen:My heroes are: Jason Statham & Stuart Townsend
:bulletblue:Most significant achievement was: Triple Distinction in Animal Management Diploma
:bulletpurple:The last good book I read was: The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter
:bulletblack:The last good movie I saw was: Remember Me
:bulletred:If I won the lottery, I would: Get A House!
:bulletorange:My favorite meal is: Roast Dinner
:bulletyellow:If I could invite four people to dinner, they would be: My Family
:bulletgreen:The best advice I ever received was: Don't Let Them See You Cry
:bulletblue:One word to sum me up is: Confident
:bulletpurple:The hardest thing I have ever done was to: Give Up My Pets :(
:bulletblack:For fun I like to: Re-enact
:bulletred:If I could change one thing about myself, it would be: My Appearance
:bulletorange:People who know me think I am: Alpha
:bulletyellow:My favorite TV show is: Heroes
:bulletgreen:If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want: Rescue :P
:bulletblue:My life would have been greatly diminished without: The Re-enactors
:bulletpurple:My friends describe me as: Overprotective
:bulletblack:My favorite movie is: Mamma Mia!
:bulletred:My favorite author is: Gena Showalter
:bulletorange:My favorite book is: Goodnight Mr Tom
:bulletyellow:My favorite song is: Black Heart - Stooshe
:bulletgreen:The best gift I ever received was: My Camera
:bulletblue:When I’m worried, I like to: Tidy
:bulletpurple:My favorite sport is: Swimming
:bulletblack:In the future, people will discover: Life On Mars XD
:bulletred:If I could take a trip, I would go to: Paris
:bulletorange:No one knows I: Eat When I'm Sad
:bulletyellow:I like to wear: Black Clothing And Coloured Scarfs
:bulletgreen:My favorite childhood memory is: Family Parties
:bulletblue:My favorite subject in school was: Science
:bulletpurple:The thing I hate to do most is: Wake Up In The Morning :P
:bulletblack:I can’t wait until: I Have A House And Pets!
:bulletred:I’m really glad that: I Met My Fiance
:bulletorange:I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without: My Family & Fiance


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Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Melancholy (10.04.13) by LacedShadowDiamond Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

As DeviantArt tends to have a mini heart attack if you try to thank too many people I will do a little feature for you guys instead! :heart:

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No deviations :(

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No deviations :(

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The Murder VictimThere's this sculpture my mom keeps in the hallway. It's not big, but it takes up almost all of the hall's table beside the old land-line my mom hasn't ever had the heart to throw out after disconnecting it a couple years back. The sculpture--well, it's more of a bust--it's not bad, no, in fact, it's pretty good for having been done by my mom at sixteen; what's wrong with it is that it looks like a murder victim. The bust's head is bashed in ("I swung at it with a hammer after it was fired--my favorite memory of my high school art classes ever") and the outside is this blue-gray that reminds you of a corpse after it's taken out of the freezer they store them in at the morgues. 
The fact it looks like a dead body withstanding, what really freaks me out about it is the eyes; they're just black pools that bore into you during the day. My mom likes to say it's painted that way so everyone is forced to remember they could have done something, that this victim is the result of so
Tall Tales and True Tales"Remus!" Romulus cried into the forest. It was getting late and Lupa would worry if they didn't return to her soon. Staring into the foreboding shadows that filled the spaces between the branches, Romulus called once more "Remus! Where are you?!" Eyes darting about the trees for any movement, he felt terror spike in his heart and tears prick at his eyes.
He's going to have to go into the forest! Weeping quietly at the thought, Romulus made to take that first step when-
The brunette fell back with a shriek. Brown eyes having gone wide, the child was forced to lift his face to gaze into the wild eyes of his twin. Letting out a sob of relief, the young boy launched into his brother; wrapping his arms around his thighs. He didn't have to go into the woods. Remus was safe and here with him. All would be well.
"C'mon Rom, stop crying like a girl!" Remus huffed patting his brother's head firmly. "How are we ever going to have a strong nation if you blubber like that every time I
DareTottering on the springy edge, her chipped orange nail polish glares hatefully up at her in contrast to the dirty white of the board and sloshing blue of the pool. Glancing back over her shoulder, she sees Maria seated on the edge by the ladder; blocking the way back down along with her best friend Gayla. The dark-haired girl smirked at her and turned her head to whisper something to her pig-tailed companion. Biting the inside of her cheek with great venom; she carefully gulps back every insult and juts her chin at them.
She’s not scared. She just doesn't want to jump off the high board. That really wasn't a big deal her dad had told her last summer when she was teased for not joining in on the diving contest. It was okay to not want to do something, it just meant you'd do something else instead (like practice her dolphin stroke, she really wanted to be the fastest out of all of the kids). Maria's mean smirk glares at her in the afternoon s

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


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Petals of Love by That-Photographer The Last Paw Print by That-Photographer Kitten Eyes by That-Photographer

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Raaa-aaaaarruuuuuuuu by The-Dude-L-Bug To SAFELY free a lion by The-Dude-L-Bug Given undivided attention by The-Dude-L-Bug

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My 10 Week Old Puppy by TheHurtOffical Ryan Cross (The Hurt). Ponified by TheHurtOffical Are You Feeling Hungry? by TheHurtOffical

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Kitty by TheMsmadcookie Peles Castle 3 by TheMsmadcookie Waiting for true love to come by TheMsmadcookie

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Mr Blue Sky by trifle-confusion Samiya's pokemon team by trifle-confusion Pride's HorizonUnfazed by inconfidence,
independent and useful,
you would achieve such greatness
without backing down, without
any fears. You loved who you
were and you belonged with us
and I loved you so dearly, for you were
unfazed by inconfidence,
but you lost contact with us,
and with reality.
You say you are perfection
now, belittling, slighting,
humiliating, scorning
Puffed up by pride,
you changed and went
from sky to soil
I beseech you to change back,
but you're stuck being stagnant
You see the exposed skyline,
pointing out that sky and soil
aren't all that dissimilar
but from where I stand
I see it clearly
So flimsy a line,
so stark the contrast
has pride's horizon,
where you have moved down
from virtue to vice
People run from your blindness
now, but you cannot see why
I wish to change you, but you
desperately shut me out.
I remember you once were
unfazed by inconfidence,
because you belonged with us
But you lost contact with us
and say you are perfection
You'll regain eyesight one day
But y

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Blue glass by uosiek1 Graffiti III by uosiek1 Death is waiting on the road... by uosiek1

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Peacock by Vero-Light Tara by Vero-Light Luna by Vero-Light

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 Callie by WildWarriorCat11 Fox Cat Thing by WildWarriorCat11 Laternpaw by WildWarriorCat11

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


braid by xxxiluvmesomuchxxx Broken Wings by xxxiluvmesomuchxxx xxxiluvmesomuchxxx by xxxiluvmesomuchxxx

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Marbles by zaranix Gloomy Afternoon by zaranix Lunch Time by zaranix

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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Fiesta de Navidad by snoogaloo

This is an absolutely beautiful image of which you should be proud. I love the various little trinkets and how well the little fairy li...

catwalk. by Shutter-Shooter

First of all wow, what a gorgeous feline. She has such lovely colours and the golden eyes and red collar really set off her white fur. ...

Raz by SecretPoet17

Firstly, what a gorgeous picture. He looks rather sad in my opinion, almost like he longs for something. He is not looking at the camer...


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